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Her team filling up the drama and the air time really assisted in her being forgotten.

It did not help that she was mostly just very joyous and somewhat wallpaper for reality television.

If you need someone who can be wallpaper and not start a fight, I think she is perfectly fine without the drama.

If you have noticed from Jenna, not starting shit or drama in the house is the best way to keep a target off of your back and to go far into the game when you are a female competitor.

I am sure Ashley could tackle down half the girls in the cast, she’s just so sweet that it might not happen.

Final Potential/Endurance: This is where Ashley Kelsey gets way scarier for all of the other girls on the show.

Ashley commonly does a lot of lifting, her thighs and calves look strong, and the biggest psyche out is that her hair and face are perfect all while being a true barbie beast.

What may hold her back is that she is so nice and perky, I am scared she won’t have a crazy gear and be able to actually go at some events as physically as she can.

Ashley has some fun this season as she has two of her exes on, rookie Bruno Bettencourt and her Real World housemate and former teammate Zach Nichols.

Ashley is also forgotten as her season of the Real World, San Diego 2, is one of the worst seasons of the Real World.

While San Diego is nice to visit, it’s mostly boring, and having a 19 year old girl in a country where she couldn’t drink was restricting.

I am sure Ashley is super cool and interesting, but she isn’t a drama queen, so half congratulations on being a person I would enjoy in real life, but I want some crazy drunken yelling and fighting.

One negative take-away for Ashley is that maybe she did not defend Sam enough from the attacks of Zach and Frank, but that could have been editing.

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The good part is that everyone loves Ashley, she is seriously beautiful and her hair looks better than ever.

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