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Check the following 10 signs he loves you and see if he has fallen for you in a way that no words that can express his feelings. He then closes the text with an always welcome confirmation that he misses you.

If you are still wondering how can he text back so fast, you are missing the point.

Once you do that, you have to be patient with her and give her time to accept your apology.

If she’s ready to move forward, then you can take it slow and work on rebuilding your relationship.

And private is a good word for Scorpio, as they ask all kinds of leading questions, and offer little in return.

They have a gift for keeping their own revelations light, while penetrating your psyche with their x-ray vision.

The Scorpio woman holds her own, and men find that self-contained quality intriguing.

In hook-up culture, she's less likely to lower her standards, and more apt to have intense, but quality affairs.

They are also intensely loyal, passionate and caring to those they love.

A relationship with Scorpio might not be easy, but it is life-altering, as it often reaches in to the soul.

Not one for superficial dalliances, Scorpio brings her whole self to the moment, and looks for others who are capable of doing the same.

The Scorpio man is a brooder, and is one of those guys that undresses you with his mind, if he's interested.

Some are drawn to those who also hint at a hidden wild side, like the librarian who lets her hair down after hours.

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When you ask him if he loves you, he doesn’t tell you anything.

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