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Because that's just the type of person that he is.I had recently gone into therapy (mostly to try to figure out why I had such disastrous taste in men). Then one day, Jeremy invited me to a theater a couple blocks away from his apartment. She told me that he was going to ask me back to his place, just so he could make a pass at me.It’s a gift to be able to play with children with endless patience without trying to check things off a to do list. I might “get more done” but he certainly finds more peace in the present. You can imagine how well this worked out for me—at first. We worked together, and he kept asking me to do things with him, in a collegial sort of way.As cultural news reporters, we were both required to see the same plays, so we'd go together. " Jeremy asked me late one night as we waited for our hamburgers at a 24-hour diner."I would have loved to, but I've accepted the fact that it's probably never going to happen," I said."I've made my peace with it."He smiled so understandingly that my eyes welled with tears.Jeremy was a bespectacled theater expert who had spent the Vietnam War years as a conscientious objector teaching emotionally disturbed children. "He's not my type at all." And, if truth be told, I was pretty sure I wasn't his type, either. But I was 36 when I met him, and pretty soon I was 37. As for Jeremy, every time we passed a baby in a stroller or saw a toddler at a restaurant, the smile would never leave his face.

We will be strong in certain areas where our husbands are weak, and they will be strong in certain areas where we are weak. And when our husbands aren’t naturally oriented the same way then we begin nagging to get things checked off our list.Well, that sounds strangely as though we balance each other out. Still, had us Type A women known Jesus we would most likely have looked for faults. Not that our way is to spitefully criticize, but it’s to evaluate situations looking for problems and quickly throw out solutions.Instead of constantly viewing this aspect of his personality as a failing, I was able to embrace the positives. He always wants a say and is happy for us to follow plans we arrange together, but I can be the initiator in many respects and that is not out of order. Husbands are to be leaders in the household, but that doesn’t mean they have to be strong in every single thing. Here is some encouragement for your particular struggles. Of all my Type A friends, I can’t think of one who married a Type A male.I’m sure there’s one or two, but my conclusion is fairly simple. It’s really hard being a Type A woman married to someone who isn’t Type A.

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I took a strengths test for work last year and found that, of my top 5 strengths, 3 were future-focused.

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