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An important note about the verbosity, which is as the article says, the most common complain: this is not so much relevant in practice (neither XML nor JSON data are typically handled by humans, but by machines), even if for the matter of speed, it requires some reasonable more time to compress.

After transmission, data is to be consumed, and this count in the overall processing time. If a question is a dupe, irrelevant or in conflict with the terms of service, perhaps (the closed/useless thread) shouldn't be the first thing that comes up in a search. On the other side, XML provides XMLSchema to ensure types, structure... There is XSLT to transform XML in nearly any other output format... I don't care if this post is extremely late to the game, but I agree.If big or complex enough data are to be transmitted, the lack of a schema automatically checked for by a validating XML parser, may require more check on JSON data; these checks would have to be executed in Java Script, which is not known to be particularly fast, and so it may present an additional overhead over XML in such cases.Anyway, only testing will provides the answer for your particular use‑case (if speed is really the only matter, and not standard nor safety nor integrity…).

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