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Www thedatingchannel com

Hi, some visitors to this blog have contacted me and asked me to sell them some of the 3D images that I've been creating... I can accept special orders from you guys..if anyone wants to order a particular image with any special / personalized requirements, just contact me by clicking here.Please include your specific requirements and also the size you want..can order them as big as you want it's not a problem.Get them even more excited about the experience you’re creating by speaking directly to them with highly relevant messages.Get specific and acknowledge their unique achievements, make loyal users feel like VIPs, and let them know you miss them without being creepy. Two out of every three of users will have less than a few sessions in an app. Your app is just too good for people to realize without your help.It’s the thought that counts, but let users know you care by setting up in-app messages that validate app engagement when they’ve accomplished something great.You can also use these moments to deliver special rewards to improve the likelihood that they’ll become loyal lovers of your app. On average, only 15 percent of monthly active users visit an app daily, and all your app events could be overlooked if users are not notified.

No, so let’s not assume that users will come to your app without notice either.

These number one fans deserve just as much attention as they give your app.

You likely have a loyalty program running to keep these super users engaged, but how do you retain them?

No need to lose sleep trying to answer the questions above.

Simply put, it’s time to delight users with personalized messages.

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This is part two of our four-part Critical Use Cases blog series on improving the mobile user lifecycle, through improved strategies for onboarding, engagement, and conversions.

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