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They are currently represented by John Ross (Conservative).Bulkington was part of the Nuneaton constituency in the House of Commons.8.4% stated No Religion, 0.8% Other and 6.0% did not disclose.The village is served by four churches: the Anglican St James' Parish Church, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Ryton Methodist Church, and Bulkington Congregational Church.The 1830s saw a slump in the industry, due in part to the introduction of factory production at Coventry, and competition from cheap imports.However, the 1840s brought another period of growth when many buildings were re-fronted or rebuilt in chequered brick work (characteristic of North Warwickshire buildings of the period).From 1894 to 1932 Bulkington functioned as an independent urban district; however, the village lost its independence in 1932 under the Warwickshire Review Order, when it became part of the Rugby rural district.

Bulkington elects a councillor to the county council along with part of Attleborough ward.

St James' is the oldest church in Bulkington, dating to the 12th century.

The church was given to the Abbey of Leister after its foundation in 1143.

Bulkington was the largest of these sub-divisions (at 4 hides and 1 virgate) and functioned as the centre of the manor; however, by the late 13th century the centre of the manor had moved to Weston-in-Arden.

By 1285 the manor of Weston contained Bulkington, Bramcote, Barnacle, Ryton, Clifton, and Wibtoft.

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Speculative private housing development began in the 1930s and by the 1960s surrounded the village with expansive suburban areas.

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