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If you’re going through a nasty breakup right now, don’t fret: This shit shall pass.

“The important thing is you have to be 100 percent honest with yourself if you’re ready to date or not. He and his lady love have now been married for six years.If you want her back, by all means try to get her back.If you don’t, then do everything in your power to stay away.Bong, 24, warns against sharing details of your recent breakup with a new girl, which will set off alarm bells in her head and make her think that she’s a rebound—sending her running in the other direction. “I don’t believe in the three-month rule, but I believe in the time it takes for you to heal yourself,” he says.If you must admit the fact of the breakup, don’t do it right at the start of your flirtation, and avoid getting into the weepy particulars of how your past love crashed and burned. “It doesn’t have to be three months; it can be one year, it can be two years.” 8) If you want to wait much longer than three months before getting back on the dating horse, that’s totally fine, too. “I believe a guy should not do anything drastic to start dating or loving again,” he says.

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"Take time to let your wounds heal before dating again,” says Velden Lim, author, motivational speaker and lay preacher who will soon release a book about dating and relationships.