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He began to feel like a bit of an outsider, especially when the others were doing drugs.

One day John and flea were smoking pot in the studio, and he looked into john's eyes and he knew he had lost him as a friend.

It took a while but it all finally all came back, note by note, word by word. The little blonde girl scared of nothing, now a woman fears no none.When he recorded it his friend Brenden talked to him in his headphones to keep him going with the song.Tiago was very close, but he wasn't on drugs when he wrote this, actually.After he presented it different ways they went to their interments to find the beat without saying a word.Singing the song was always difficult to Anthony because it was emotional.

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  1. Janice buckled down, worked hard, and got through the next few years putting a meal on her daughter's table. She let her make her own mistakes, small ones, but she also reinforced the important things. As the next couple years passed, and they both turned 18, their contrasts only increased. Danny was her biggest fan, and he encouraged her to pursue her dream.

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