Who is vincent donofrio dating

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  1. She's been married to her husband, Ian, a 40-year-old hedge fund manager, for a decade and they have two sons, Jake, seven, and Isaac, four, and live in a large, fivebedroom house in South-West London. Try as I may, I cannot banish from my mind the words I discovered on Ian's phone four months ago: 'Miss you, X.'Only three words, but he had sent them to someone other than me, and they were enough to shatter my contentment, my peace of mind, and the illusion that mine is a happy marriage.

  2. When we met other married couples who were obviously bored with one another, we smiled smugly at each other—after two decades together we still had fun together, and never ran out of things to talk about. After our courtship and the first few months of marriage, I quickly found to my dismay that sex about every 10 days or two weeks was plenty for her.