Who is maggie siff dating dating russian man like

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Who is maggie siff dating

What made her memorable: Bethany played coy with Don for a while, and she definitely wanted to be his next Mrs. But seeing Betty, and the kind of woman he attracted, finally made her cave in to Don. First (and only) appearance: Season 3, Episode 1, "Out of Town"Don's relationship status at the time: Married to Betty, who is pregnant with their third child.

What made her memorable: Don met Shelly on a flight to Baltimore, and while they didn't join the mile high club in-flight, they did make up for lost time after a very flirtatious dinner.

What made her memorable: She was actually a really great secretary for Don. Until, ya know, Don got a little too eager with the sauce and boned her.While her relationship with her epileptic brother was endearing, she wasn't the one meant for Don, and he called it off.First (and only) appearance: Season 5, Episode 4, "Mystery Date"Don's relationship status at the time: Divorced from Betty, and re-married to Megan.Another memorable moment was when Shelly confessed she was engaged, and Don said, "I've been married a long time.You get plenty of chances." First (and only) appearance: Season 4, Episode 6, "Waldorf Stories"Don's relationship status at the time: Divorced from Betty, and pre-Doris the waitress.

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