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He never said he was straight or gay,” Versace continued. Making that decision out of anger was clearly a wrong move and I apologize not only to him but to you guys.

I feel like if he was in the closet he wouldn’t of been so carefree about harassing not only me but a lot of my friends with the same stuff. Although he’s never come out, some fans of Perez came to his defense this week, saying that they knew he was gay and that Versace outing him was in poor taste.

The decision to come out wasn’t super easy for Versace, but he said that one day he wanted to do it because, “at the end of the day, who cares? I felt like school was a negative way of making people do it because everyone was trying to get their work done and I just wanted to have fun and stuff but, I feel like I made a good thing out of it just by making videos.

Jacob Perez a.k.a Princeton is a talkative, high spirited and highly attractive individual. Princeton's favorite color is green and he is of African American and Mexican descent, he previously described him self in a Philadelphia public fan interview as "Blaxican." Princeton encourages the fans to do their best in school.

I know how hard it is to come out of the closet and I’ve been there.

I apologize to prince10 and you guys for taking it way too far.He has turned vegetarian and in a campaign of PETA in 2015, he won the Hottest Vegetarian Celebrities award.Vine star Jay Versace and Mindless Behavior member Princeton Perez are in the midst of a major feud.Here is what you need to know: Both guys suspended their respective Twitter accounts after their feud erupted.Perez also deactivated his Instagram account, much to the dismay of his fans. A couple of the messages that Perez shared by way of screenshots are below.

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Jacob Perez is one of the leading and unfolding young music talents from the United States.