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and got worse, all the way to the sensational, catastrophic, ending.

Not easy, considering the opening prelude showed four of the family in prison, sentenced to death, and with nooses actually being placed around their necks.

’ the customs officer asked.‘Americans…’ Luca clarified with a serious smile.‘And what’s the purpose of your visit?

When the post included a Christmas card sent by Luca Changretta (a ‘black hand’, the symbol of death) it capped off Tommy’s build up to the big day nicely. When everyone else in the family received one too, even Tommy and the other Shelbys were scared – enough to put their differences behind them and re-group to defend themselves.

To no avail, as it turned out with the final, fatal, scene.

When this business is finished we can go our separate ways again.’He didn’t realise Changretta already had an assassin working in his home, in the kitchen as a sous chef. Oceans of blood and another body (Antonio’s) soon joined the geese and deer the head chef had preparing/draining for Tommy’s Christmas dinner.

The morning of the 25th saw Michael going to John’s to collect him for the urgent family meeting Tommy had called, proposing their evacuation back to Small Heath.‘This is the Sicilian mafia we’re talking about !

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A dark haired man crossing the threshold will bring good luck for the New Year ! The brothers’ babies would stop everything ‘kicking off’ she encouraged him. ’ John panicked to Arthur, imploring him to make peace with Tommy to defend themselves.‘Hug me like you came outside because you are emotional !