Who is adam goldberg dating

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Who is adam goldberg dating

Then he was linked to have had affairs with his partner Christina Ricci, to which both kept quiet at first.

But they announced of being together in 2004 and were together for three years before Adam dated Roxanne.

(According to his Twitter account, the star welcomed a son four weeks ago.) "We weren't going to tell anybody — I mean it's obvious. But we weren't going to tell anyone unless you ran into her." PHOTOS: Celeb baby announcements The alum (he played Chandler Bing's crazy roommate Eddie in a 1996 multi-episode arc) was at first wary about bringing up the pregnancy, explaining that the couple once experienced a stillborn birth.

PHOTOS: 2014's babies of the year "My girlfriend Roxanne is pregnant," Goldberg, 43, said on the show, which taped several months earlier.

Then, he was also reported to be romantically involved with Natasha Lyonne between 20.

Although, many thought them to be married but Adam and Natasha were not divorced, but actually broke up.

A tall guy with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches, Adam has got a distinctively charming face with his light brown eyes and black hair.

"I really took all of Eric's characteristics" and sculpted them onto a teenage girl's personality.

Born as Adam Charles Goldberg on the 25th of October, 1970 in Santa Monica, California, U. His father was a Jewish from Europe who has been in the country since his birth.

So Adam has got mixed ethnicity from France, Poland, Ireland and Germany.

PHOTOS: Friends stars — then and now "I haven't said this. My girlfriend — we've been together for several years — we had a stillborn child about a year and a half ago.

I've talked about it but not really in a public fashion.

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Adam Goldberg is an American actor of movies as well as TV shows and he is also a musician too.