Who is actor lee min ho dating

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He is very good in his roles, so good looking with his unique dimples and as a patient lover waiting for his lady love. Good luck Lee Sang Yoon and hope to see your smiles in many more dramas and movies.

your acting in the angel eyes really touch my heart..

He has displayed his unparalleled acting in angel eyes and liar game which i have to say, the two of the must see Korean drama of 2014 . I already finished watching AE but still keep watching it because i like you and Goo Hyesun. Hope to see you both do another project in the near future. So amazing cause i can see on ur diferent roles at same time. I shall cancel all the appointments I have just to have the chance of seeing him in person. You have the most handsome and versatile actor Lee Sang Yoon. I heard comments that's on line that SO NOT TRUE and OUT TO HURT THAT PERSON. THIS IS MY COMMENT.) It's great that Lee Sang Yoon's talent was found.

KHS and LSY souls are destined to be angels for each other..become the eyes to see and protect each other... I admire you in My Daughter Soyeong and really love you in Angel Eyes. Would there be possibilities for LSY to visit the Philippines . ( If I said it 100 times, it's because I truly believe in what I said.

but I really love his acting skill, you're the best Oppa... Oppa, Sarange I first watch him in Angel Eyes misunderstand him as Jo In Sung from one of a drama's cover. :) Captivated by his sweet smile, calm personality, his over all wholesome and positive aura! Seen most of his dramas and looking forward to seeing more of this gifted person! I love all the dramas that Lee Sang Yoon comes on, when it comes to romance he's very romantic. I fall in love with you, I was sad when you were dating Uee... I also admire actress Choi Yeo Jin because of her sexy figure, smart way of dressing and an extremely nice body posture. And I like everything you acting and you personal look. Cha in mirror shots, Episodes & were watched over and over. In , when eyes go up to stare at hair, a fan in Quebec rolled off her couch onto the floor, in laughter.

All mothers and all sons, in all cultures can relate to this wonderful representation of sons should be raised. Have to watch again on a telenovela series on Abs-cbn : yet have not felt any inch of excitement to watch it several times. There will be a long cue just to see him in person. I love to watch romance drama, but only korean drama. I watch angel eyes for the 3rd times now because the story is very good and love to see park dong joo and soo wan as a couple. It was done with great sensitivity as this drama deals with real life dilemmas. Personally, I was a bit scared for Soo Ah and Do Woo, knowing what they were going through in their respective marriages and what would happen next. Lee Sang Yoon looked better here than in Goddess of Fire and Twenty Again. I will always support your works, not your love life, and hoping you will appear in silver screen.. The acting Lee Sang Yoon delivered in this drama was fantastic. Well, whatever it is, everyone deserves happiness, and everyone should bare pain to feel happiness ;) :) I've just finished watching "On The Way to the Airport." So nice and thought-provoking especially for those who are married and those contemplating marriage. I enjoyed the chemistry that was set between every character. I just hope and pray they will end up for real in the near future.are so compatible..are charming and good looking..go go guys..deserve to be loved and be happy... The most important thing is..is capable to become an actor with that good looking face. I love Lee Sang Yoon and Ku Hye Sun tandem..brought too much "kilig" (indescribable feeling of being in love) to those who look forward and follow their love story... I cant seem to get enough of our dong joo and soo wan couple. I cried, laughed ànd fell in love all at the same time while watching this drama. I hope someday youll date in real life cause you really look good together.

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Angel eyes makes me happy,makes me cry Lee sang yoon you're the best continue to inspire and warm the hearts of the viewers -Philippines You're character in angel eyes is amazing I feel the love and warmth you're characters as park dong joo simply inspires me mostly the love they share with yoon so wan I never watch korean dramas before but angel eye melodrama open my eyes to the beauty and art of Korean drama it is the best and has a heart filled drama I can't get over it. NEWS, nothing POSITIVE, everyday, SOMEONE IS KILLED, RAPE AND KIDNAPE. Now that one Governor is trying to pass the law for anyone to carry firearms!!!! Eventually, now Goo Hye Sun is collaborating her drama ANGEL EYES with Lee Sang Yoon, and her fans bad mouth about Lee Min Ho. Infact the script has been written by Goo Hye Sun the blame should goes to her for too much of contradictory!!!

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