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We called out earlier this month for alleging that Dunst was secretly meeting up with Farrell at the gym behind Hedlund’s back, but a rep for the actress exclusively told us the tabloid’s claim was “nonsense.” And despite having corrected the bogus cheating rumors once before, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the situation, who assures us Farrell played no role in Dunst and Hedlund’s split, and there’s nothing romantic going on between him and the actress.

that she’s “dated men who had more of a feminine side, and it didn’t work.” Dunst also revealed she’s ready to start a family.

“I want to continue acting, but I also want to have kids,” she shared.

“I think I’ll be ready to have them in two years or something.” E!

“I always went to normal schools and I’ve had my core group of girlfriends from sixth grade through high school,” she says. That can happen to people, it’s a lonely city.” that “it’s time to have babies and chill,” Dunst says she’s “definitely not chilling out” right now, with several projects lined up.

She has, after all, basically worked her whole life.

The two actors were spotted out and about in Los Angeles this weekend, sparking rumors that they are now an item.

Adding fuel to the fire: a shot of the two sneaking a kiss.

“On this movie, I was like, ‘Now we’re very good friends.’ ” Though Dunst grew up on sets of major films and can credit George Clooney with teaching her how to drive, she says she had a relatively normal childhood.

Kirsten Dunst is pregnant with her first child, and her big news — and recent engagement to Fargo costar Jesse Plemons — has us thinking about the other famous dudes she dated before settling down.

Most of us remember her high-profile relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, but there are a few other romances that flew under the radar.

costars (and onscreen married couple) Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons!

As you may now, the 34-year-old actress split from her beau Garrett Hedlund after four years together last month. After four years of dating, Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund have pulled the plug on their relationship.

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We have to also point out her weird ponytail that was fine from the front, but awkward from the back! ] So the question arises, who could possibly play a pop culture fixture so well known throughout the galaxy? Here some actors we think could pull it off: The Kardashians brood is expanding big time!

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  1. We are entering the world of 'play' that children live in, yet the important thing is that they know they are playing. That's why we, as actors and theatre makers, should take kids seriously, never patronise them and challenge them to dream wildly!