What is time averaging dating

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I surround this query with parentheses which makes it a subquery and I have to give it a name = I call it t1 for simplicity. Seconds, "00.00") End Function Public Function Seconds To Elapsed Time(dbl Seconds Elapsed As Double) As String Dim An Elapsed Time As Elapsed Time An Elapsed Time.

The outer query then averages that list of numbers contained in t1 using the AVG function. Days = dbl Seconds Elapsed \ (3600# * 24) An Elapsed Time.

Of course, the relative timings might change depending on the action you were taking.

In general, concatenation should be avoided in VBA.

That's compared with a total of six percent who said it was due to convenience, money, or social pressure.If you want this result in minutes just change the "s" in Date Diff("s", date Open, date Close) to an "n" --- Date Diff("n", date OPen, date Close) Note: Access will automatically (usually) add square brackets around the field names after you run the query. Rich *** Sent via Developersdex Hi Shelley, Using the ideas from the following thread: I came up with the following revised query (barely tested): SELECT Avg(Date Diff("s", Ticket Open, Ticket Close)) AS Avg Seconds, Seconds To Elapsed Time([Avg Seconds]) AS Avg Duration FROM tbl Help Tickets; Avg Seconds Avg Duration 181.5 :01.50 using: '-----Begin Module Code------- Type Elapsed Time Days As Integer Hours As Integer Minutes As Integer Seconds As Double End Type Public Function Format Elapsed Time(the Time As Elapsed Time) As String Format Elapsed Time = Format(the Time. Hours = (dbl Seconds Elapsed \ 3600) Mod 24 An Elapsed Time.Minutes = (dbl Seconds Elapsed \ 60) Mod 60 An Elapsed Time.Now, let’s say that the goal is to build the mean of every 3 points in time.I have a table with help desk ticketing information. Shelley I have a table with help desk ticketing information. Shelley Try: tbl Help Tickets HTID Auto Number Ticket Open Date/Time mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss Ticket Close Date/Time mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss HTID Ticket Open Ticket Close 1 09/18/2006 9/18/2006 2 09/18/2006 Null 3 09/18/2006 9/18/2006 qry Avg Seconds: SELECT Avg(Date Diff("s", Ticket Open, Ticket Close)) As Avg Seconds FROM tbl Help Tickets; !

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Print str Value str Value would contain "I love you" once you had finished.

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