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Walrus speed dating

Female Walruses are able to reproduce at around 6 or 7 years of age but males are not mature until they are at least 10 years old but will often not successfully reproduce until they can prove their dominance around 5 years later.Walrus Diet and Prey Walruses are carnivorous animals that only hunt and eat other animals in order to survive.Walrus Reproduction and Life Cycles Walruses most commonly breed in the middle of winter between the months of January and March.After a gestation period that lasts for around 15 months, a single pup is born on the ice measuring up to 1.2 meters long and weighing up 75kg.From sports to art we’ve rounded up thirty fun things to do in and around our area to socialize and meet new people.Walrus Classification and Evolution The Walrus is a large marine mammal that is found inhabiting the freezing cold and icy waters of the Arctic Circle.

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Humans are the most common predators of the Walrus as they are hunted for the meat, skin and oil by local populations (along with the less desirable hunting of them for their ivory from non-native people).

They are also threatened in certain areas by water pollution including oil contamination that affects them directly but also through their prey, along with large fishing vessels that harvest the animals that the Walruses prey on and not only leave them with less food, but also cause severe noise pollution in the normally quiet and remote waters.

Walrus Behaviour and Lifestyle Walruses are incredibly sociable animals that live in large herds on the ice floes that can contain up to thousands of individuals and consist mainly on females (cows) with their young, along with a number of dominant males (bulls).

When they retreat into the water to feed, these enormous herds break up into smaller bands numbering as few as ten individuals so there is less competition for food.

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However, whilst sunbathing out of the water, the skin of the Walrus (which can be up to 4cm thick) develops a pink-red colouration.

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