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Vs 2480 updating pdf

Dynamics processing is always available on every channel, for example, and it was the first in its class to have moving-fader automation.

There are also some other unexpected features, such as the in-built pad sampler, on-board metering and word-clock input and output.

In short, Yamaha's AW2400 is still a step up from Roland's VS1680 in almost every way, but it is not quite as impressive as an expanded Roland VS2480.

Korg's offering is the D32XD 32-track, which is very powerful in many areas.

On the down side, the technology is getting a little long in the tooth and Roland do not seem intent on making a replacement model.

Nevertheless, there is a big and well-established VS user community providing forums and support, so the fact that the VS products are no longer manufactured is perhaps not too much of an issue.

But, perhaps worst of all, 24-bit mode reduces the track count from 24 to 12.The old-style 24-bit VS8F2 effect expansion boards can still be used, but so can the 56-bit VS8F3s, and there are four stereo effects slots available.It's even possible to attach a meter bridge and VGA monitor (as shown in the picture, above).Once again, the track count is halved in 24-bit mode, as is the number of tracks that can be simultaneously recorded.The mixer seems a little more basic than Yamaha's design but Korg offer some great input options.

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Although it only offers 16 tracks, the AW4416's track count is not reduced in 24-bit mode, as is the case with the VS2480 and other models, and it has enough faders to manually mix all tracks at once.