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Posted by / 15-Dec-2017 22:31

Video chat with pornstar software

I’m a few steps closer to my “Goldicocks” shoot, which is next in line.

I could use a little encouragement, and really, not from the same 4 guys who always comment on everything.

I’m a little old fashioned in that I really don’t want to talk about things unless I have something fantastic to show.

I guess this is what annoys me about kids these days, they will post any stupid old thing and they don’t really anything.

Interesting fact- it usually takes about 3 days to edit a photo set, while it only takes an afternoon or an evening to shoot a set?

Anyway, then it got really chilly out this week, and it’s difficult to heat my studio.

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The Transformation magazine guys send me an order every couple of weeks so people out there still buy them, and they have a decent profit margin when I burn them myself.

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