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25 FLASHCUT of a man's hand, holding a conte crayon deftly creating a shoulder and the shape of her hair with two efficient lines. Brock has the reference photo of the necklace in his hand. Today it would be worth more than the Hope Diamond. (she points at the drawing) I only wore it this once. PORTER Sir, you'll have to check your baggage through the main terminal, round that way-- Cal nonchalantly hands the man a fiver. They pass a well-dressed young man cranking the handle of a wooden Biograph "cinematograph" camera mounted on a tripod. And he is bumped again a second later by the boys' father. FOUR MEN, in working class clothes, play a very serious hand. Until they can figure out the best way to preserve it, they have to keep it immersed. TIGHT ON Rose's ancient eyes, gazing at the drawing. and old claim that was settled under terms of absolute secrecy. A WHITE STAR LINE PORTER scurries toward them, harried by last minute loading. He whistles frantically for some cargo-handlers nearby who come running. A HEALTH OFFICER examines their heads one by one, checking scalp and eyelashes for lice. Cal is jostled by two yelling steerage boys who shove past him. The Cockney father pushes on, after his kids, shouting. Cal motions her forward, and she enters the gangway to the D Deck doors with a sense of overwhelming dread. He escorts her up the gangway and the black hull of Titanic swallows them. O.) Outwardly I was everything a well brought up girl should be. 35 CUT TO a SCREAMING BLAST from the mighty triple steam horns on Titanic's funnels, bellowing their departure warning. SOUTHAMPTON DOCKS / TITANIC - DAY A VIEW OF TITANIC from several blocks away, towering above the terminal buildings like the skyline of a city. PULL BACK, revealing that we were looking through a window, and back further to show the smoky inside of a pub. Just inside the window, a poker game is in progress. KELDYSH - DAY Brock and Bodine are watching Mir 2 being sweng over the side to start a dive. Brock nods and the three of them head forward to meet the approaching helo.


Rose is placing a number of FRAMED PHOTOS on the bureau, arranging them carefully next to the fishbowl.

LOVETT And everyobody who knows about the diamond is supposed to be dead... BODINE S'cuse me, I have to go check our supply of Depends. ROSE'S STATEROOM / KELDYSH - DAY Lizzy is unpacking Rose's things in the small utilitarian room.

Anatoly lies prone, driving the sub, his face pressed to the center port. Snoop enters a corridor which is much better preserved. 13 THE ROV turns and goes through a black doorway, entering room B-52, the sitting room of a "promenade suite", one of the most luxurious staterooms on Titanic. A lamp is lifted, its ceramic colors as bright as they were in 1912. A crowd has gathered, including most of the crew of KELDYSH, the sub crews, and a hand-wringing money guy named BOBBY BUELL who represents the limited partners.

Out of the darkness, like a ghostly apparition, the bow of the ship appears. These windows are nine inches thick and if they go, it's sayonara in two microseconds. 9 OUTSIDE THE SUB, the ROV, a small orange and black robot called SNOOP DOG, lifts from its cradle and flies forward. Its twin stereo-video cameras swivel like insect eyes. BODINE You know, boss, this happened to Geraldo and his career never recovered. Lovett grabs the phone from Buell and goes instantly smooth. revealing a pencil (conte crayon) drawing of a woman. Mir Two is already in the water, and Lovett is getting ready to climb into Mir One when Bobby Buell runs up to him.

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T I T A N I C a screenplay by James Cameron 1 BLACKNESS Then two faint lights appear, close together... They resolve into two DEEP SUBMERSIBLES, free-falling toward us like express elevators. MIR ONE / NORTH ATLANTIC DEEP PUSHING IN on one of the falling submersibles, called MIR ONE, right up to its circular viewport to see the occupants. Its knife-edge prow is coming straight at us, seeming to plow the bottom sediment like ocean waves. Mir One goes up and over the bow railing, intact except for an overgrowth of "rusticles" draping it like mutated Spanish moss. 7 Mir Two drives aft down the starboard side, past the huge anchor while Mir One passes over the seemingly endless forecastle deck, with its massive anchor chains still laid out in two neat rows, its bronze windlass caps gleaming. 8 Mir Two lands on the boat deck, next to the ruins of the Officer's Quarters. The ROV descends through an open shaft that once was the beautiful First Class Grand Staircase. LOVETT (to the video cameraman) Get that outta my face. LAB DECK, PRESERVATION ROOM - DAY Technicians are carefully removing some papers from the safe and placing them in a tray of water to separate them safely. Brock looks closely at the drawing, which is in excellent shape, though its edges have partially disintegrated. In her late teens or early twenties, she is nude, though posed with a kind of casual modesty.

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