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if i want only numbers in a particular cell in the datagrid how can i do it. ID, Name, Phone number I want to validate this phone number field.if user enter a some other values than a number i want to give a error message. I think that could be the problem and that I'm not telling it the correct column.Although I would like to understand this better than I do.The other type of input validation can be used to reject any unacceptable data, for example a zero value in a field that must be greater than or equal to one, or an inappropriate string. The example below uses the Column Changing event because the unacceptable value is disallowed for the "Product" column in particular.This is done in the dataset by writing an event handler for the Data Table. You might use the Row Changing event for checking that the value of an "End Date" column is later than the "Start Date" column in the same row. I do have a visual basic 2005 - wrox book and 2 programing in visual basic books by Bradley and Millspaugh which I refer to alot. ----------------------------------------------------But just a little info on my situation.

You can download the code that accompanies the article here.In your example, you use the Cell Validating event, as shown below: Here, you want to ensure that the length of the new Customer ID is at least five characters.You do this by using the Formatted Value property of the Data Grid View Cell Validating Event Args parameter.Hello I have a datagrid and would like to validate one field. They told me they were more intested in my analyst skills and I could learn the programming when I started.I've copied some code from someone elses thread and made some changes. I had no idea at the time that the IT manager has absolutly no IT experience.

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This may be a easy task as im very new to c# please someone help me with this problem.

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