Updating your social security address

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Updating your social security address

Please call your local office for more specific details regarding registration fees, taxes, required documents, and acceptable forms of payment.

For more information about registering your vehicle, visit our Colorado car registration page.

Do you need to replace your Social Security card or change or correct information related to your Social Security number? Provide a phone number you’re willing to have someone from the Social Security Administration call you at during the day. Provide the mailing address where you want your new card to arrive, which should occur in one to two weeks. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll need to gather the documents you’re required to submit with the form to prove your identity, age and citizenship status, those of the person you’re applying for a card on behalf of, or both. The Social Security Administration will only accept originals or copies that are certified by the agency that issued the original. The agency also requires you to submit at least two documents, even if one of your documents (for example, your passport) can serve more than one purpose.

Many people find themselves in this situation when they get married or divorced and change their names, when they realize they’ve lost their card or had it stolen, or when they discover a mistake in their Social Security records, such as an incorrect birthdate. These documents typically include (1) an original birth certificate or other permissible proof of age such as a passport, final adoption decree or religious record of your birth; (2) an unexpired driver’s license, passport or state ID card to prove your identity, or if you don’t have one of those, a military ID, employee ID or other identity card; (3) additional evidence of citizenship if you aren’t submitting a birth certificate or ID; and (4) if you aren’t a U. The final step is to mail the form and your original or certified documents to your local Social Security office or card center.

Registration fees vary depending on vehicle weight and the county in which it is registered.

Please call your local CO county DMV office for more specific details regarding registration fees and taxes for vehicle title and registrations.

Must be completed by a DMV-approved VIN verification provider.When you change your address within Colorado, you should change your address with the DMV as soon as possible. Changing your address with the CO DMV does not change your information on your vehicle registration.For more information, see the Change Your Colorado Registration Address section below.To renew your CO driver's license or ID card online, visit the CO DMV's Online Driver's License and ID Card Renewal website. You can renew your Colorado driver's license or ID card by mail if you: If you are eligible for renewing by mail, you will be given an application to complete.Send the completed application and payment (see “Fees for Updating Your CO Address" section below) to: Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicles Driver Control P. Box 173350 Denver CO 80217 If you are not eligible to renew your CO driver's license online or by mail, you must renew it in person by visiting your local CO DMV driver's license office in person.

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