Updating xbox via usb

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JTAG hacks have instant boot times, like a normal console. We try our best to optimise these times but we don't obsses over them.Once the console is on it is on, and it is not the end of the world if your console takes a minute to turn on!It allows full access to the consoles hardware and software.Both hacks have identical results for the end user.Note: It’s important to connect to Xbox Live because your console will need the latest system update, which contains the newest controller software.If your console needs an update, you’ll be prompted to install one. Plug the Headset Audio Controller into the bottom of your controller. Plug the Headset into the Headset Audio Controller.

Everytime Microsoft changes special protection etc, you have to flash the DVD drive again. A soltution like the x360Key allows the user to update the device without opening the console at all, which means all updates are free and easy.

Ways to get a xk3y in your 360 There is a hardware chip on the Xbox DVD drive, that controls if you can play backup games or not.

To enable a xbox 360 to play backups you need to flash your DVD drive, which involves the modder opening up your 360 and changing the software on the drive. Since Slims are still being made not all Slim models are.

Note: The following only applies to the old Xbox One Controller.

The new Xbox One Controller does not require any update.

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It is not compatible with XENONs (see this picture for the best indication of your motherboard type) which are the oldest 360s. Microsoft seems to be targeting this hack with every update.

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