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Updating psp software pc

I recommend you use the newest version that applies, because the older versions really needed the fixes and features that are in later versions!

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery A generic file and disk recovery program.

If not, you at least stand a good chance of at least getting your data copied onto your new drive. Most of what I know is based on a vendor's reputations and on what I've heard.

By the way, the better recovery programs (and better computer techs) NEVER write to or change anything on a bad hard drive unless they are VERY sure they can bring the bad hard drive 100 percent back to normal. The first one that comes to mind is Symantec (Norton Utilities).

If you lost your entire hard drive, your FAT probably got damaged by an accident that killed Windows while it was busy updating the table.

If you use Scandisk, it goes through and builds an entirely new file allocation table, permanently replacing whatever was left of the previous one.

I'll do a side-by-side comparison: About a quarter the files it recovers are either mis-named duplicates (which can't be opened) or fragments (which you might not be able to open).

Reinstall an operating system on the new hard drive. If you're lucky, the recovery program might even be able to fix your bad drive.

I also remember "Lost And Found" from Power Quest, but I see they've been purchased by Symantec.

Maybe you can find someone (other than me) who downloaded or bought it while it was available.

There are also some dedicated disk recovery programs that are familiar with common hiding places for FAT tables.

(and you know it's badly fragmented), turn the computer off, pull out your bad hard drive, run out to the store and buy a new hard drive and a recovery program.

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If that's what happened, you might be able to use an anti-virus program to find your missing FAT.