Updating is not supported by data source dating boy

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Updating is not supported by data source

This is also called to insert or delete XML data by replacing a parent node in its entirety; this will work, but it is less efficient than using one of the other functions, which perform more localized updates.These are all pure functions, without side effects.Pretty-printing of results has a performance cost in result size and processing time, because it requires building a full DOM and retaining or generating appropriate whitespace formatting information.For this reason, it is Note: As mentioned in "Conventions", many examples in this book show results in pretty-printed form to promote readability, even when the results of the operation would not be pretty-printed in reality.OBJECT_VALUE.exists Node('/Purchase Order[Reference="EABEL-20021009123336251PDT"]') = 1; 1 row created.INSERT INTO purchaseorder_lineitem (reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity, unitprice) SELECT x.If the proper return type cannot be determined, then Oracle XML DB returns a SELECT extract Value(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order/Reference') "REFERENCE" FROM purchaseorder WHERE exists Node(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order[Special Instructions="Expedite"]') = 1; REFERENCE ------------------------------------------------------------ AMCEWEN-20021009123336271PDT SKING-20021009123336321PDT AWALSH-20021009123337303PDT JCHEN-20021009123337123PDT AWALSH-20021009123336642PDT SKING-20021009123336622PDT SKING-20021009123336822PDT AWALSH-20021009123336101PDT WSMITH-20021009123336412PDT AWALSH-20021009123337954PDT SKING-20021009123338294PDT WSMITH-20021009123338154PDT TFOX-20021009123337463PDT 13 rows selected.

Abel The Description of Line Item[1] for Reference PTUCKER-20021009123335430PDT is Picnic at Hanging Rock PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Reference/text()')String Val(), value(li).extract('/Line Item/@Item Number')Number Val(), value(li).extract('/Line Item/Part/@Id')Number Val(), value(li).extract('/Line Item/Description/text()')String Val(), value(li).extract('/Line Item/Part/@Quantity')Number Val(), value(li).extract('/Line Item/Part/@Unit Price')Number Val() FROM purchaseorder x, table(XMLSequence(OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Line Items/Line Item'))) li WHERE exists Node(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order[Reference="EABEL-20021009123336251PDT"]') = 1; 3 rows created.

SELECT reference, userid, shiptoname, specialinstructions FROM purchaseorder_table; REFERENCE USERID SHIPTONAME SPECIALINSTRUCTIONS -------------------------------- -------- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------- EABEL-20021009123336251PDT EABEL Ellen S. SELECT reference, lineno, upc, description, quantity FROM purchaseorder_lineitem; REFERENCE LINENO UPC DESCRIPTION QUANTITY -------------------------------- ---------- -------------- ---------------------------------- ---------- EABEL-20021009123336251PDT 1 37429125526 Samurai 2: Duel at Ichijoji Temple 3 EABEL-20021009123336251PDT 2 37429128220 The Red Shoes 4 EABEL-20021009123336251PDT 3 715515009058 A Night to Remember 1 3 rows selected.

INSERT INTO purchaseorder_table (reference, requestor, actions, userid, costcenter, shiptoname, address, phone, rejectedby, daterejected, comments, specialinstructions) SELECT x.

OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Reference/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Requestor/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Actions'), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/User/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Cost Center/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/name/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/address/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Shipping Instructions/telephone/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Rejection/User/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Rejection/Date/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Rejection/Comments/text()')String Val(), x. OBJECT_VALUE.extract('/Purchase Order/Special Instructions/text()')String Val() FROM purchaseorder x WHERE x.

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SELECT extract Value(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order/Requestor') NAME, extract(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order/Line Items') LINEITEMS FROM purchaseorder WHERE exists Node(OBJECT_VALUE, '/Purchase Order[Reference="SBELL-2002100912333601PDT"]') = 1; NAME LINEITEMS ---------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------ Stephen G.

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