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Turn off automatic date updating in word

It will pop up and inform you that it’s restarting your computer in fifteen minutes unless you postpone the shutdown.Even more obnoxiously, you can only postpone the shutdown for up to four hours at a time.From here, you can also choose whether you want to receive recommended updates (updates that aren’t as critical for security), update other Microsoft products in addition to Windows itself, or see notifications about new Microsoft software, such as Bing Desktop.On Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows, Windows will start to nag you after installing most updates.

You could also change the same registry key or set Windows 8 to only install updates when you choose to work around this, just on Windows 7.However, Windows Update can also cause problems — particularly by nagging you to reboot when you’re trying to use your computer and automatically restarting your computer overnight.While Windows Update can be obnoxious, it keeps your computer secure and is well worth using.On Windows 8, you’ll have to click the Settings option before you see the Windows Update shortcut.If you’ve set updates to not happen automatically, you can click the Check for updates link in the left pane to check for new updates and click the Install updates button to install any available updates.

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After installing updates, you’ll see a notification on your welcome screen asking you to reboot.