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- went to Chris 1960s Rex Mascot - these very cool Australian (Melbourne-made) amps put out only about 3 or 4 single-ended watts from the single 6BQ5 output valve, but have become an icon for recording studios.

Very original, very collectable, very usable - went to Tony Very interesting 1960s single-ended Class-A 'baby' amp made by Goldentone but badged Electravox!

Very cool, very usable - went to Tony 1960s Goldentone 1746 40-watt Bassmaster - Goldentones are probably the most well-known of the range of Australian vintage valve amps, and they are finally getting the respect they deserve, as collectors and musicians alike snap them up.

This is a rough-looking but very healthy and toneful bass amp, with the head just back from a service - went to Chris 1960s Vadis 409 with trem and reverb - I have always been a huge fan of Vadis amps, despite their rather plain-Jane looks, and gig them regularly.

- went as soon as it returned from our tech to a new owner in Sydney 1960/61 Echoplex EP-1 tape echo - this is one of the original Echoplexes, with a very low serial number suggesting 1960 or 1961 manufacture.

Fully serviced, low mileage, a stunning example with sound to die for with its original 110volt all-valve circuitry - went to John early 1960s JMI (Vox) Domino - a very rare, very basic, very cool amp putting out only about 5 glorious single-ended watts from the single EL-84 output.

Awesome condition, awesome vintage tone, awesome originality, right down to its faux alligator-skin tolex and Jensen speaker! Built (almost certainly in Sydney) in 1955, and possibly an extremely early Moody. Why bother with a Fender® Champ® when we have homegrown tone like this?

- went to Murray 1954 Stradivarius Special Aussie-built valve low-wattage combo with 1x8 inch Rola. The smaller brother to the 1x12 version, with the same tolex, grille etc!

Unbelievable tone for studio work, and incredibly collectable.

Very cool, very usable - went to Peter 1960s Rex BA50 50 watt 2x12 speaker cab - a mint, virtually New Old Stock, vintage 2x12 speaker cab for your 40 or 50 watt vintage valve head.

Two original vintage 8-ohm MSP speakers wired in parallel to give a 4 ohm load, but if you prefer I can re-wire them in series to present a 16 ohm load.

- went to Stu 1960s Vadis 601 with matching quad box - a great example of an iconic vintage Australian (Sydney-built) guitar amplifier.

The 601 is a great amp, with good spring reverb and the best tremolo you will ever hear!

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Has tremolo, great valve-driven spring reverb, and about 8 watts or so feeding into the two original 6" horseshoe Alnico-magnet speakers.