Three minute dating cleveland when is potassium argon dating used

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Three minute dating cleveland

Donna comes off much more patient and understanding than Cleveland's first wife, Loretta, and is more attentive to him as well.Her relationship with her children meanwhile is somewhat more shaky, as both her children are the result of a broken home and neglectful father.She is a talented and proud Recorder player and wears a wig that hides her gray hair. In "Mama Drama", it is revealed that her mother is Dee Dee Tubbs who was part of a in the 1960s until she left Donna with Uncle Kevin.

She tends to drink a lot of wine to the point she might be an alcoholic.Various flashbacks give conflicting histories of his speech patterns.He is shown as a more sexual, stupid, and violent character in his new form than he was originally.Cleveland and his son, who were passing through Stoolbend while driving to California, had stopped by the high school to retrace Cleveland's old haunting grounds.Donna invites the Browns to stay at her house, which results in a rekindling of their friendship that soon blossoms into a full-blown romance.

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(voiced by Mike Henry in "Family Guy," Kevin Michael Richardson in "The Cleveland Show"), is the obese biological son of Cleveland Brown and his late ex-wife Loretta.

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