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"Once the speed dating is over, everyone will get another 15-20 minutes in in the cafe to exchange numbers, say goodbye and chill with the kitties."Brooks notes, however, that only women have signed up so far.

Discounting is for dummies – here’s why and what to do instead If you’re thinking of running a sale or a discount… But, today, you’ll see why discounting can DESTROY your business.

Yes, that huge spike in sales can be tantalizing (especially since everyone and their grandparents are running a discount right now).

And more important – I’ll show you what to do instead.

They are the caulk that fills so many gaps in Philadelphia’s cash-strapped schools. “And it feels good that the community and outreach programs come to us and let us know, ‘Hey, we got your back,’ when it comes to these things if you guys aren’t able to provide them for yourselves.” The average Philly school has 18.2 “programs and/or support relationships,” according to district data.

“We spend a lot of time thinking about the achievement gap and not necessarily always thinking about the resources and opportunities to fill that exposure gap so that our students are competitive within the city of Philadelphia and across our world,” Tolson said.The ticketed event, which will be held in two one-and-a-half hour installments on Thursday, Feb.9, promises two beverages, 20 cat people and of course a plethora of feline friends to help spark the love. "You'll get to meet 20 other cat people, and each will last three minutes before the move onto the next cat purrrson," says co-owner Ashley Brooks.They’re all hoping to catch the eye of building administrators, each of whom is looking for something different. Kelly School in Germantown, took special interest in an organization offering grief counseling because, she says, so many students at her school lose a friend or relative to violence.“Our community is losing so many people so quickly, the children, they don’t know how to grieve,” said Thorn.

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(Source: School District of Philadelphia) Still, school leaders report plenty of unmet needs.