The best location based gps app for dating Free bi sex adult dating

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The best location based gps app for dating

The idea that single people would need ways to identify themselves as approachable has an analog precedent, Malov said.

But a new class of GPS-enabled smartphone apps is trying to bring dating back to the pure, data-driven basics. In this new era of app-driven love, location is most important.Simkhai said he created the app partly because he was having trouble finding men to hook up with and date. If somebody's 200 feet away from you, then go meet them, go say hi for five minutes.Grindr has made meeting people faster and easier, he said. There's no need to have e-mails back and forth, SMS's back and forth," he said.All of the location-based dating apps serve as "icebreakers" for conversations that might not happen otherwise, said Wiklund, Skout's founder."I don't know if it's 'lazy,' per se, but when we designed Skout we really wanted it to be similar to how you meet people in the real world," he said.

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Skout, which has become one of the leaders in the space, boasts more than 1 million users, and the average age is somewhere between 24 and 25, said Christian Wiklund, Skout's founder and CEO.