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But attorneys for the two officers in the shooting – Michael Bell and Tryon, who were cleared of criminal wrongdoing by prosecutors and are back at work – argued this month in court that the footage should not be released because of the possibility of inflaming the public and inciting someone to seek revenge.

“Another person killed by police – that’s the narrative,” said attorney Jeremy Smith, who represented Tryon. Officers have enough to deal with.” But Superior Court Judge Jesse Caldwell ruled Jan.

From his body camera, Officer Garret Tryon can be seen searching in the dark for a suspect, then pulling in and calling out seven times, “Drop the gun!

” A fusillade of shots follow, then Tryon orders the man four more times to drop the gun. Release of the video reflected the policy declared by CMPD Chief Kerr Putney in September toward more transparency in conflicts between police and the public.

From different vantage points, the six videos showed the search for a man who’d fired aboard the bus.“I got out of the car I went to about the front bumper of my own car and drew my weapon and focused on him,” Bell told investigators.“I took two or three breaths just to gather myself and steady my aim and I remember thinking the whole time, ‘Tryon, if you don’t shoot him you’re gonna die.’ And as I’m getting out of the car I looked at Tryon, Tryon’s pointing at him, yelling at him, ‘Show me your hands.’ ” Smith ran up an embankment after the officers fired, an investigative report said.He raised his right hand, which Tryon said was still gripping the weapon, and Tryon fired three to four more shots.An image from Bell’s body camera showed Smith pointing what the report said was a gun at Tryon. District Attorney Andrew Murray concluded that deadly force was justified because the officers were defending themselves.

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In this case, the body cam video was used along with all the other evidence in the case to determine that criminal charges were appropriate," Milhiser said. Rosario, who has been a sworn Springfield officer since April 2015, has pleaded not guilty and is free on bond.