Svensk dating

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Svensk dating

Use this activity to increase pupils knowledge about the planets.Pupils become an expert on one planet and have to share their knowledge with others, whilst gathering information about other planets.Dynamite was invented in 1866 by the Swedish chemist and engineer Alfred Nobel.“Nobel’s Blasting Powder” later renamed to dynamite was the first safely manageable explosive stronger than black powder.Tre Kronor (English: Three Crowns), three yellow or gilded coronets on a blue background, is Swedens heraldic national symbol, present in the Coat of Arms of Sweden.

To eat cooked crayfish at crayfish parties in August and September is a seasonal tradition in Sweden.In 1892 the Swedish mechanical engineer and inventor Johan Petter “JP” Johansson invented the adjustable wrench.Before that, in 1888, he invented the pipe wrench, and in total he patented 110 inventions during his life.It originates from the 17:th century as a children’s toy. Rye crispbread (Swedish: knäckebröd) is a flat and dry type of bread that was invented in Sweden.It has been baked and appreciated by Swedes since 500 AD.

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Easter (Påsk) i celebrated in Sweden by painting eggs, giving away candy filled easter eggs and eating eggs and pickled herring.