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Timm was being too hard on himself, but his comment reminds us that everyone, even a pioneer like Timm, inevitably tries to make DC characters more like Batman.

This was true of Man of Steel, Zack Snyder's Batman Begins–ified version of Superman; and of Arrow, Berlanti, Kreisberg, and Guggenheim's TV version of Oliver Queen's civic-minded, Robin Hood–type exploits. Grodd is a dated, Silver Age villain who often feels too ridiculous to be real but is nevertheless presented as an over-the-top and absurdly powerful threat.

Barry's fight with Danton "Multiplex" Black in "Fastest Man Alive" is an imaginative highlight of season one for the way that it visualizes a fight between a blur and a roomful of the same guy.

Generally speaking, The Flash's fight scenes are impressively impressionistic.

Showrunners Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg previously developed Arrow, a fun but flawed Batman-ified version of Oliver "Green Arrow" Queen's adventures, for the CW with comics creator and TV producer Marc Guggenheim.

But for The Flash, Berlanti and Kreisberg teamed up with Geoff Johns, the chief creative officer at DC Comics and the comics writer who (after comics writer Mark Waid) most recently made the Flash cooler than his bright-red outfit.

Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) mysteriously wheels out of one of S. This usually means that colorful costumes no sane human being would wear are the first casualty of page-to-screen adaptations.

But eventually, all relatively functional outfits start to look alike, and you just want more brash, cosplay-esque costume designs.

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