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His Text-based works are asymmetrical parabolas of metal that taper quickly on one side, stretch out and curl back into themselves to hover above their own centers.

His Smoke works are roller coaster-like ribbons, primarily dealing with defining forms in space through the use of dramatic curves, angles and mass.

The bright and shining visual aspects of the cubes, the smoke, and the text-based parabolas all attract, like a beautiful magnet, pulling us closer to the works by sheer force.

However, it is the complex additional dimensions in his work that help viewers to see not only themselves more clearly, but to consider the world from another point of view, in turn adding introspection and engagement within the existence of the work as well.

We like to see them fingering and licking each other pussies more than using toys.

Toys are also OK, strap-ons even better if that’s not all they do.

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„Die exakten Mengen habe ich im Gefühl“, würde meine Oma sagen.

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