Stop dating bad boys

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Stop dating bad boys

Defending her friend, Jun Pyo tests Jan Di, to which she mocks him and embarrases him instead.

The next day, he gives Jan Di a red card, making her a new target of school, and is bullied and harrased at his orders.

Jan Di overheard and sees Ji Hoo confess to Min Seo Hyun, which he then kisses her.

The next day, Jun Pyo places a red card in her locker which turns the whole school on her to bully her and also harrass her.

Jun Pyo tells her he will forget this whole thing if she does it instead, but instead of licking the ice cream off, she uses her ice cream and smashes it on Jun Pyo's face, knocks him to the ground, throws money at him for drycleaning and plants a sticker on his forehead, mocking him and his wealth.

Ji Hoo is gone, and the students at Shinwa High continue to bully her.

Jan Di misses Ji Hoo, when during these times, he would come and cheer her up, and thinks that she has no one now.

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