Steps in validating a test

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It also provides the integrated sensitive data discovery that increases the security of test data.Download Link: Informatica Test Data Management tool#2) CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)CA Test Data Manager is another top tool that provides high synthetic data generation solutions. It is also called Agile designer, Data Finder, Fast Data Maker, Data Maker.

These sharing of data are called data virtualization or virtual data.

Automatic data masking protects the sensitive data without violating any security policy.

It also provides dynamic data stabilization that validates the test data according to the business rules.

A process of planning, designing, storing, managing the software or the source codes of an application for testing is called test data management.

Software test data management is another name of test data management.

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The virtual data of the tool provide complete, full size and real data sets in the few minutes that takes very few spaces. The tool improves the productivity by providing the automatic delivery and configuration of applications and databases.