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Speed dating in san luis obispo california

Our staff uses it for sourcing,” said still another. But our happiest moment is when it’s done and our vast full-time staff of three can take some time (OK, a day) off.

We still look at the Top 100 list as a fun, though exhausting, chore.

A photo in Hunter’s office shows him, around 1992, working on what would become the tallest building in California — the Liberty Tower.

Hunter went on to become the president of Iron Workers Local 433 in 2002 before moving on to his current role in 2012.

For Nichols, a former lawyer for the Natural Resources Defense Council, battles over the environment are not new. During his first two terms, she served as legislative secretary and special assistant.

She’s been on the front lines against smog since Jerry Brown’s early years as governor, and from 1979 to 1983 she headed the ARB. Dooley – Brown’s first appointee when he was elected to a third term in 2010 – now serves in his cabinet as the secretary of Health and Human Services.

She later brought some former PG&E colleagues into the horseshoe, and they rose to major positions as well. Gray Davis, and before that she was deputy chief of staff to Al Gore. Her blend of policy and politics experience is pure gold in government, where every major decision is part politics, part policy and part communications spin. Anne Gust Brown It’s tricky to describe Anne Gust Brown’s official title. Gust Brown’s name was floated in the Capitol when Gov. Brown’s longtime environmental adviser, has overseen California’s cap-and-trade program since its beginning.

As chair of the California Air Resources Board, she is a more than a state leader in the fight against air pollution: She is a national figure whose recognition has only increased since the recent battle in the Legislature over extending California’s cap-and-trade program – a battle that the Brown administration won after a no-holds-barred political fight.

That means she is making decisions about the way the Affordable Care Act is put into effect in California.

The Bureau of State Audits also runs a hot line that people can call if they spot abuses.

She has checked state finances through three administrations and has earned respect from both Republicans and Democrats.

And for those who aren’t on the list this time around: Some retired, some got new gigs, and some just weren’t as central to the political zeitgeist as they were last year. “That’s quite a turd I left in your punch bowl,” he told me recently.

There are 22 people new to this year’s ranking compared with 2016 — changes that we believe reflect political and policy developments in the Capitol. Some factoids: –Former Capitol Weekly Editor Anthony York – the guy who had the bright idea of creating this list in the first place, and who hasn’t been with CW in years – said he still gets calls from people wanting inside info about the list.

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In his new position, Bauman will decide where the state party puts its resources – a big, big deal in a state with 44% Dem registration and a solid donor base. He lives in North Hollywood with his husband Michael, his late mother’s partner Trisha, and his dog, Moe. Angie Wei Angie Wei is the chief of staff for the California Labor Federation, the backbone of California’s organized labor community, which means she can – and does – exert serious political clout.