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He is being held pending payment of a bond of ,000.

Joel sat smoking a cigarillo on a patio overlooking Oyster Bay. Weeks of idleness, of puttering around his motorcycle shop and futzing with lobster boats, of books and dogs and meals, were about to give way to a microburst of work.

He often says that the hardest part isn’t turning it on but turning it off: “One minute, I’m Mussolini, up onstage in front of twenty thousand screaming people.

And then, a few minutes later, I’m just another schmuck stuck in traffic on the highway.” It’s true: the transition is abrupt, and it has bedevilled rock stars since the advent of the backbeat.

Out on the water, an oyster dredge circled the seeding beds while baymen raked clams in the flats. He told a joke that involved Mozart erasing something in a mausoleum; the punch line was “I’m decomposing.” He knocked off an ash.A father ran off and left behind his two young girls aged four and one following a high speed car chase.Demario Evans, 28, from Atlanta, Georgia, failed to come to a halt at a stop sign last week and sped away from Fairburn Police Department who gave chase.Police told they did not have any outstanding warrants for Evans.He was forced to run from his black Dodge Avenger after he burst a tire during the chase.

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When he told her, “This song is for you,” Donna Summer, standing nearby, said, “Does that come with the publishing? You could stand behind the stage and look out at the throngs, lit up by Cohen, and begin to understand why a man might rouse himself from hibernation and go through the motions again. He means all the stakeholders in Joel, Inc., but the phrase also suggests his own desire for validation or love. Soon, the helicopter was gone and all was quiet, except for the whir of katydids and a Beethoven violin concerto on the Sonos.