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Contrary to the hype merchants on e Bay, this isn't rare, or scarce, there are plenty of bottles around. If you vote with your wallets on e Bay, it will help the prices to come back down to sensible and realistic levels.Very powdery fragrance, better to wear at night, but nothing great in my opinion.Midnight in Paris is a new fragrance for men which adds up to fairy-tale line of watches by this house and belongs to special line Haute Parfumerie which includes two editions so far – Feerie and new masculine fragrance Midnight in Paris. Listen, Midnight in Paris is cute but nowhere near worth a couple of hundred bucks a pop! IMO the best thing about MIP is the exquisite bottle.Haute Parfumerie line is under license of Inter Perfumes. If you want the same experience for a reasonable price, check out Perry Ellis' "M" (one of the best cheapie-but-goodies out there).MIP is a great scent, but the hypers have ruined it for lots of true fragrance lovers because the dealers move in.Some people have several bottles in stock on e Bay etc. If you love scents, give a true and fair review, but stay off the hype train, or you're just doubling/quadrupling the cost of your favourite sauce!To my nose I can smell alot of dry leaf of tobacco in top and heart notes. Wearing MIP is like that and the reason I say is for the dry down. I bought my first bottle in 2010 from Paris, bought again when ran out. We may conclude 2 things: Either this frag is really fantastic and the entire world is buying it, or Van Cleef & Arpels are playing with the consumers and trying to grow the hype with this frag. Certainly not a very masculine scent, but very pleasant.

The perfume was created by perfumers Domitille Bertier and Olivier Polge who enriched it with floral notes. In terms of the smell itself from my experience this is one of the most gorgeous, posh, sexy and romantic scent my nose could imagine..As for longevity, you get 4-6hrs, with low sillage and a skin-close projection. I have owned, gave it away,owned it, gave away for the second and final time. Midnight in Paris is a polite gentleman's smell when you're walking with him in fall at night.This fragrance smells as rubbery a ND powdery as all the balloons I see on these reviews for this cologne. He doesn't have any sleazy agenda and he wouldn't try too hard to prove anything, he is just there, calm, unique, confident.This is a keeper I bought mine for around £20 three years ago, or so. I try and keep my favourites out of hype territory, as finding a treasure and not having to pay the Earth for it is part of the enjoyment of this hobby.My favourite scents come from Guerlain (not really hypable due to it's reputation for high quality perfumes), so I get great, quality scents, pay a fair price, no hype, job done.

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Actually I like the bottle design more than the fragrance itself. Midnight in Paris is a grounded smoky leather scent with a balanced dose of sweet notes of amber/benzoin and fresh notes of bergamot and lily.

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