So accomodating

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So accomodating

But they really only work in the long-term if there are effective plans for accommodating people with allergies, as well as people who are afraid of dogs (or other animals) or just not comfortable around them.

In a larger workspace, that can mean having pet-free floors. (And as you can see from this story about someone with allergies who worked in Amazon’s dog-friendly offices, being on a pet-free floor didn’t quite work as smoothly as it was supposed to.) Working from home can be a solution, but as in your case, that’s not feasible with every job.

Lots of people are thrilled at the idea of a pet-friendly office, and lots of pet-friendly offices operate successfully.The nature of my job demands that I be in the office at least four days a week, I really have no wiggle room.Even working from home one day a week has been a stretch and caused some negative feelings on my team, even though they hear me sneezing every 20 minutes when I’m there!The efforts the employer has offered so far – moving the employee’s desk by door, allowing the employee to work from home one day a week, cleaning the office bi-weekly – are nice but they have not solved the problem.Therefore, technically, neither the employee nor the employer has identified an ‘accommodation’ yet.

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To get an answer, I consulted two awesome employment attorneys: Donna Ballman, author of the awesome and Bryan Cavanaugh.

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