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Whenever there's suffering to be had, they take the larger ration.

Quite often, this isn't played too seriously, but sometimes it can be.

S., she said, among other things, "You should know that after sending this email I will go home, take my packed bags and fly to Moscow".

So take that phrase, including the double quotes, and paste it into Google.

They also have a tendency to be The Eeyore, especially in combination with these other elements.

The reasons for this trope may originate from what most Westerners assume actual Russians have been through, having lived under an Evil Empirein practice it can be even two Evil Empires: both the Tsarist Russia and the USSR are subject to Broken Base among both Russian and Western scholars, but while the former was just a monarchy similar to those in the West that simply failed to reform into a democracy on time, the latter was a leftist dictatorship that exploited the monarchy's weakness to seize power; even a third Evil Empire when counting the 1237-1480 Mongol Conquest; thus, any fictional suffering they might endure can't compare to what they've gotten in real life.

I know they are all scams, but I like to play with them.

To collect 0 Dollars from unsuspecting people then turn them down... Also on the embassy website they claim over 400,000 visitors to America from Russia in first half of 2014, I read it on our embassy site. does anyone come here for vacation from Russia, Not everyone wants to live in America!

if that's the case that's a good scam in itself for our U. I hope someone would comment on my questions, if is not true, maybe we should demand truth from our own government and in the future everyone will know that there is no possibility to come take a vacation in America.

So in nearly all cases addressed on this site the blame lies squarely on the would-be scammers.

Just assume that if you met a "real" and sincere Russian/Ukrainian woman online, she'll expect that you visit her in her country first, and assume that this is the ONLY reasonable way for men to proceed.

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In short, they're Acceptable Targets through being "overqualified". the collapse of the Soviet state), and especially with the emergence of globalization and the digital age the trend seems to be drastically changing: nowadays' Russians have little interest in enduring hardships, preferring to enjoy the luxuries of the global world.