Shaq dating

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Shaq dating

Since Michaels is very familiar with The Undertaker, especially at Wrestle Mania, it was easy to tell where this segment was going.I can pretty much sum up this segment in one tweet.Just when it looked like Reigns had took a step toward the dark side, Braun Strowman came out of nowhere and knocked Reigns into next week, firmly putting him back in the role of babyface in the distress, for another week at least.Reigns will face Strowman next week in a rematch of their encounter from Fastlane. Shaquille O’Neal not happening For almost a year, it looked like Big Show was penciled in to face Shaq in what could be one of his final Wrestle Mania appearances.Reigns won the match anyway and shrugged off Michaels’ notion that The Undertaker was in his head.Reigns said that the only question he hears is what is it going to be like when he is in the ring with The Undertaker.At the end of the show, Foley had made his mind up, and the person that he wanted to fire was Stephanie Mc Mahon.The commissioner reminded Foley that he was not in the position to fire her, but Foley insisted, saying that she was essentially a cloud of negativity hanging over the brand.

Wrestle Mania being in Orlando only made the match more sensible since that is where Shaq started his NBA career. He has not been hesitant to say in interviews that his career is winding down.Rollins sold it as if the knee had just suffered irreparable damage while Triple H stood over him soaking all of the jeers from the Detroit fans.From a creative standpoint, I loved this segment, as it got some needed heat on Triple H.Most importantly, however, this segment did show that Rollins might not have been as hurt as originally thought. The fact that he got physical looked like a good sign to me. The entire reason Rollins even confronted Triple H was because the WWE executive was about to do bodily harm to Raw general manager Mick Foley.If Rollins was severely injured, I highly doubt WWE would be using a segment like this to write him off television. For the duration of the show, Raw commissioner Stephanie Mc Mahon was in Foley’s ear telling him that he had to fire a member of the Raw roster in order to show that he was a capable leader.

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On top of that, he stuck a dirty sock down her husband’s throat.