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Manfred attempts to connect with Aubrey's spirit to solve her murder, but accidentally floods his house full of ghosts and evil spirits.Manfred uses her tip-off on his Ouija board to locate the murder weapon, which the police link to his landlord and Aubrey's fiancee Bobo.The sheriff's deputy makes a fatal error when she decides to investigate noises coming from the Reverend's cellar, causing chaos throughout the town, which Lemuel, Manny, Fiji and Olivia try to clear up.The demonic entity in Manny's home turns out to be a lot more powerful than it first seems, causing serious problems for Fiji.An old friend of Lemuel's arrives in town with a nest of vampires, though it's soon revealed that there's more to his visit than a reunion.

Manfred returns to his house to find it glowing orange and filled with ghosts and evil spirits.

Now also a fallen angel, Bowie wants revenge from Joe's humilliation.

Joe's not strong enough to defeat his former mentor and, when their friends' plan falls, Chuy transforms into a demon to kill her, and Joe's the only one who can help him turn back into a human.

Manny enlists the help of the other 'Midnighters' to try and get rid of the ghosts and demonic entity haunting his house, and Fiji performs an exorcism to try and encourage the spirits to move.

Meanwhile, Manny tries to help clear Bobo's name by allowing Aubrey to inhabit his body so that he can see what happened to her, before relaying this to the sheriff at Davey, who still seems skeptical.

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With Joe's help, the vampires are destroyed and Olivia saves Lemuel from the sun.

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