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He grabs her by the throat and tells her he’s going to send her to a better life as he slams her back against the wall.

The pressure around her throat mounts as she tries to force him away but her resistance encourages Johnny to dig a little deeper and soon his strength empowers him to life her high overhead, forcing Yuki to leave her feet.

He works her super tits through his hungry fingers and soon has her undressed.

H spreads her legs and exposes a hairy pussy with dark Mediterranean pussy lips.

She looks behind his computer then double checks the room again.Yuki decides to go for it and thrashes as hard as she can but her struggling weakens her faster and she still cannot free her throat from his grasp.Her thick legs become heavier and Johnny becomes more determined to take Yuki down.She doesn’t know if it’s real or not but claims the photos and movies look real enough.She is instructed by her girlfriend to grab the movie and go to the police with the evidence.

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He cock is hard from killing Yuki so he inserts it deep inside her and fucks her like he did his other victims, plowing deeper and deeper into her young, wet pussy until he finally explodes and showers her sexy brown ass.

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