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Miss Stokes was left with 'terrible burns' as a result of the incident ,which happened after she began an affair with Fourie's husband Wouter, a few weeks before.Today, Mr Fourie told Plymouth Crown Court how his girlfriend screamed for help as she was attacked by his furious wife. Hannah was in agony.'The attack is alleged to have unfolded after Fourie unexpectedly walked in on the pair at her home in Plymouth, Devon, as they sat in the lounge.Miss Martin said: 'Mrs Fourie approached Miss Stokes with a cup of tea. It was not.'It was boiling water and Monika Fourie threw it over her neck and chest area.'She started to scream with pain and instinctively moved to the corner of the room where she felt, rightly or wrongly, that she was trapped.'The jury was told Mr Fourie came downstairs to see his wife walk over with the kettle and pour boiling water over Miss Stokes.She then poured the water over her head and chest, the court was told.But I had decided to end my marriage as I was not happy anymore.'I told her ''I am leaving you'' and she started blaming herself. I know we both did something wrong in this situation and the reality is that I had an affair.'But now I am out of the shock, I know I did not deserve what I got.'I would have to be sick to exaggerate the hell I have been through.'I have to live with this every day for the rest of my life with what she did.'She had snapped as I was in her house. Prosecutor Miss Jo Martin said Miss Stokes was treated for second degree partial thickness burns down to her navel and had surgery for a perforated eardrum.She said she was still going to fight for me but I told her I had an affair.'She said she could take affairs but if I was seeing someone else she could not take it.'When I told her I had one night stands she said she had not been a good wife to me.'Giving evidence, Miss Stokes fought back tears as she told the court how she would have to live with the consequences of her affair for the rest of her life. There was no dispute that Fourie had poured the water over her rival causing serious injury, she told the court.She lost her husband.'Monika said ''please, please make sure you do whatever you can to make sure this woman does not press any charges.''Mr Fourie said he collected his estranged wife and their daughter from the airport when they returned to the UK on 9 November.

'When she heard my voice she smiled and looked at me but then you can see her facial expression turn into pure terror! His wife moved out of their home a few days before she walked in on the two lovers. I was not expecting my wife to walk in.'She asked where my daughter was and went straight to the kettle to switch it on.'She looked at Hannah and asked ''who are you? '' The expression in her face was like ''who is this woman in my house?Mr Fourie said: 'I was at home with Hannah and my daughter who was upstairs watching a film.'My wife let herself in. '''Monika said ''don't worry, I will not do anything to your girlfriend.'''As I went upstairs I heard Hannah screaming.Miss Stokes ran from the front of the house but Fourie chased her and pulled her hair.Miss Martin told the jury: 'Monika Fourie maintains that she has no memory of the events of that night.'The judge told that jury that Fourie was suffering from anxiety and depression and she was allowed to sit in the well of the court rather than the dock.

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He had he returned to the marital home just under a week before the alleged kettle attack, after going on a marine training course in America.