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How is it genre-defying, and can you hint at what readers can expect?

PRINCE: I think the issues answer the question: Chapter One is this sort of existential horror thing with a handful of creepy-crawlies; Chapter Two is a pretty straightforward tragedy about two opioid addicts; Chapter Three is about a washed up rock singer (à la Bill Haley) finding a fantastical world in his basement, wherein he has to write the perfect song to save all of humanity.

You can hear it from miles away, and you immediately start to salivate once it’s in your ears.

As for the primary colors, here’s an actual transcript, verbatim, of a thing I have written down in my notebook: mix simple ideas—loneliness, horror, despair—into something more complex and magical.

Saunders grew jealous and sent her abusive texts after spotting her at a garage driving Mr Lawson's car.

Noth stars on NBC's "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," which also shoots in New York, and will work on both projects simultaneously. Big flying to Paris to profess his love for Carrie (Parker) and bring her home to New York.

Noth is repped by CAA and Sanders Armstrong Management.

It was not nice to see that.''I felt angry at both of them.'' He sent Sarah a text calling her a "sket" – slang for someone who is promiscuous. She has been texting and ringing me.''Saunders went on: ''He said, 'why don't you f*** off and leave me alone'.''He pushed me.

I pushed him back.''I saw something in his hand." ''I flung my arm out and stabbed him with the knife I had taken from him.''I stabbed him but I didn't intend to kill him.''He admitted he had previously punched out Mr Lawson's car window and kicked off one of his wing mirrors after catching him at Sarah's home.

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But I think you need some sort of glue or connective tissue to justify doing a book like that as a monthly comic.