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Charlemagne (768-814 AD) was amongst those rulers who attempted to suppress prostitution, declaring flogging (300 lashes) as a punishment in his capitularies.

The great Cathedral of Chartres had a window endowed by prostitutes (The Prodigal Son) in the same way as other windows were endowed by various other trade guilds (The Trade Windows).

It is already illegal in France to have sex with under 15s, but rape charges can only be brought if prosecutors can prove the act was non-consensual.

The government is now drafting a bill to say sex with children under a certain age is as a result of the youngster feeling threatened.

Brothels became illegal in 1946, and France signed the Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others in 1960.

France thus became a major supporter of the international abolitionist movement for the eradication of prostitution (see #Abolitionism in France).

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FRANCE is considering a change to the laws surrounding sexual consent after two men were acquitted of raping two 11 year old girls.