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After they left, Jarvis returned to painting her back porch. Wounded and enraged, Jarvis resolved not to be the type of woman who suffered a man’s blows. “But with Shannon, it’s just horrible.” As the older woman sits in her house on summer evenings, she’s seen Champa slip into Jarvis’ yard to bang on her door, rattle the windows, and tear out her garden.

Champa appeared, accusing her of seeing other men behind his back. She snuck over to Champa’s house the following day with a can of orange spray paint and splashed the indictment “Woman Abuser” across the front door. Jarvis realized also that she despised the type of woman who would sink to vindictive lows. Some nights he sits across the street and stares into Jarvis’ bedroom.

Champa, an even-keeled, broad-shouldered man with a magnanimous smile, was eager to please. “You burned yourself” Champa is of old Chisholm blood, a high school dropout who works on and off in construction.

He fathered two children with an ex-girlfriend of 16 years, but was never abusive.

Craig Champa arrived in Jarvis’ life around the same time her second marriage disintegrated under the crush of drugs and infidelity.

While her husband dated another woman, Jarvis was drawn to her 45-year-old neighbor who lived across the alley.

With nondescript phrases that conclude several reports — “Multiple prior calls for these parties,” “All parties again were advised to stay away from each other” — police reports and neighbors speak to a history of alleged stalking, in which Jarvis describes Champa breaking into her house, sitting across the street staring at her, pulling out her plants, and sending hundreds of texts in a single night that vacillate spastically from pestering to flirting to threatening.

“RAJ (Fuckhead), you’re a stupid fucken NARK,” it began. A vow to be not that type of woman Over time Jarvis and Champa merged their lives and began to raise their children together. But a possessive temper lurked beneath his disarming charm. Though he privately questioned the dynamics of Jarvis’ love life, he didn’t press for explanation. Once, Mariah was stranded in Nashwauk when she called her mother for a ride. When they got home, Mariah watched out the window as Champa threw Jarvis against a tree.Alternating between blaming her own stupidity for staying with him and a determined effort to drink, forget, and have a good time, she nonetheless echoed a despondent refrain: He’s going to kill me. They said they weren’t familiar with her situation.Nor did they really know her boyfriend, Craig Champa, other than that he’s the nephew of former Chisholm Mayor John Champa.Mariah watched as the mere presence of her mother’s friends and houseguests incited impulsive bursts of anger from Champa, how he began to accuse her mother of seeing other men. She’s never off cheating on him, and he would get irritated and freak out on her. He made her lose all of her friends so he was the only one in her life that she could talk to." Violence would enter the relationship in 2013. Champa proffered apologies and a promise of singular love and happiness if only they could learn to get along. Neighbor Kelly Plaisted has lived beside Champa for some 20 years.As arguments escalated with alarming frequency, Jarvis assuaged Champa’s insecurities by slowly withdrawing from every personal relationship extraneous to theirs. “An old friend brought his little boy to visit Jarvis one day. She never saw anything resembling a controlling, stalking streak when he lived with the mother of his children.

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But unlike Jarvis, whose record showed only traffic violations leading up to their relationship, Champa had an early and extensive introduction to criminal justice. If this was something that I was trying to make happen, wouldn’t I try to take her somewhere more private? The violence escalates Over the next two years, Mariah and her 15-year-old brother, Devin Warren, took turns calling the police after watching Champa bully and beat their mother.

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