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This is a far cry from what I had in mind when I brought up the subject of our summer time (my plan was more scheduled, detailed, and, yes, color-coded), but our solution seems to be working so far.Today, for example, Ryan mowed the lawn and worked with his hounds, while I took our son and ran a few errands. Ryan made a few phone calls while I put our son to bed and read a few chapters of a novel. Not too together, but not two separate lives either.

Discussion: Read Philippians 2:1-4 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-14 • The Bible is clear that we are to put others before ourselves.

) Time management is one aspect of marriage that many are unprepared for. I don’t have to share the remote, or ask the dreaded, “So…what do you want to do today?

When you’re dating, you have your personal time and your couple time. Now, any hour not spent at work or another previously scheduled appointment enters the realm of “together time.” You can’t go home when you get tired of your date. I have to admit I actually enjoy when my husband goes out of town for a few days. ” But how can we schedule our free time in a way that allows us to enjoy each other, rather than looking forward to a day apart?

But what happens when we strongly disagree about how our time will be spent and no compromise can be found?

Without some serious communication, conflict is inevitable. Ken had a few days off from work and we’d agreed to make a trip into a nearby city one day.

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Yet next weekend, he’ll undoubtedly have to drag again. I want to be spontaneous, but I need to plan ahead.