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Sex dating in stanley county durham

He said once they were in the car they were unable to get out because the sedan was travelling in an erratic manner.

The driver took them to bushland where they were both sexually assaulted.

The eight to 15-year-old victims were abused by Daines in several small western Queensland towns.

"It's a pretty awful thing isn't it when that happens in a society." Lindsay Dallen was found guilty of 8 counts of rape - 2 counts deprivation of liberty - 1 count of assault with intent to rape.

“Well, you might feel embarrassed by what you did, but I don’t feel you have any sense of shame, as you tried to evade responsibility by asking to withdraw your guilty pleas, to try to escape answering for what you did.” Judge Prince said this meant that having thought they would not have to come to court to give evidence and for their account to be questioned, it created a “considerable delay” in proceedings, causing the witnesses renewed anxiety in the process.

Paul Reid, prosecuting said the offences took place over two days, when the defendant, then aged 19, was living at Poplar Street, Stanley.

"This is a particularly vicious and brutal crime." Police said they wanted to question 36-year-old local man Lindsay Dallen over the attacks after viewing security video tape from a petrol station.

Thompson said the attacker offered his victims a lift when they were waiting at a bus stop in the east coast resort of Surfers Paradise about 2am on Wednesday morning (16h00 GMT on Tuesday).

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